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About the Artist

Peter Allegaert is a self-trained artist. In 1968, a gift of a beginner’s paint set sparked a curiosity in art. Within several years, he changed his priorities to include painting as a serious endeavor. Allegaert has lived and worked for the past 25 years on the Mendocino coast of California. He was one of the only several living artists whose work was included in the 1986 Museum of California exhibit, “Cat and a Ball on a Waterfall: 200 Years of California Folk Paintings and Sculptures.”

…At their best, however, Allegaert’s paintings reveal something more complex, and more conflicted, than this finally rather simple displacement. Space also narrates imminent catastrophe; the exaggerations of spatial convention admit — literally open — the image to time, and the paintings thus may be read as meditations upon chronology and causality…

~Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco