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Sheep contemplating a Storm Cloud Poster


Before we moved to the woods, we lived a farmhouse on a 600 acre sheep ranch.

One day i was studying a robin hopping along. I wanted to know just how he cocked his head as he listened for a worm. Suddenly, through my binoculars,
my whole field of vision turned whitish. It was the back of a sheep. I watched him lying there.

My mind wandered. It was the germ that became “sheep contemplating a Storm Cloud”.

The Collision


18″ x 20″ Poster

We all knew that Wonder Bob ran his bread truck too fast for that narrow coastal road.  We were waiting for the news of a wreck and wondered what the road would look like covered with Wonder Bread and those little pies.

At the same time there was an explosion of tourism, many coming in elaborate motor homes piled high with everything imaginable that might be needed on their vacation.

What if Wonder Bob actually ran his truck in to a heavy-laden motor home? Wow what a mess!

Well it actually happened!

Fortunately, it was only in my mind.

Voting Poster


Poster is 24″ x 30″

For nearly 30 years, we enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the woods. Plans however were developing to clear cut the thousands of acres of timberland that surrounded our cabin.

One fine day it started. In several hours, life in the woods was completely transformed: the ground shuddered as the huge trees went down. Incessant chainsaws, big cats skidding the logs The noise rudely stole our peace.

Unknown number of creatures in the woods had lost their homes if not their lives. Birds, which daily brought joy to us, were never seen again.

We were called to be stewards of the land and to care for the creatures.

It was clear that the creatures were never considered; they had no voice and that was the spark that started the idea for “Voting”.

I wanted them to have a voice.

Waiting to Go In or Out Poster


Poster is 18″ x 24″

This painting depicts and aspect of our life in the woods; it is our cabin door and our then beloved pets Columbus(Lum), sweetie face, and Schwartz the cat.
They don’t like to wait. They want to go get their way now, and on with their lives (just like us).