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Poster is 24″ x 30″

For nearly 30 years, we enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the woods. Plans however were developing to clear cut the thousands of acres of timberland that surrounded our cabin.

One fine day it started. In several hours, life in the woods was completely transformed: the ground shuddered as the huge trees went down. Incessant chainsaws, big cats skidding the logs The noise rudely stole our peace.

Unknown number of creatures in the woods had lost their homes if not their lives. Birds, which daily brought joy to us, were never seen again.

We were called to be stewards of the land and to care for the creatures.

It was clear that the creatures were never considered; they had no voice and that was the spark that started the idea for “Voting”.

I wanted them to have a voice.

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  1. George Larson

    Another one of Peter’s’ fine pieces. Fine logic that comes from living so many years on the Mendocino coast. Just found this “new” website. What a treat to see so many pieces of his work that I had never seen before.

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